This website is for the logical.

The science is settled:  man-made CO2 is warming the planet. 

Logical conclusion? We should prevent this.

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On this website we are collecting technology to fix the problem.

The problem with our climate

If the CO2 level reaches 450 ppm we  have two serious problems:

  1. Climate chaos. Temperature, storms, rainfall changes
  2. Our oceans will be acidic reducing marine life.

Many climate scientists say we should go back to 350 ppm. (350.org)

The CO2 in 2014 is 400 ppm. If we continue  at the present rate, allowing for half to be taken up by oceans and forests, we have 30 years! The fossil fuel industries have more money and louder voices than those who are logical, so are winning the hearts and minds. We are witnessing self destructive madness. All we can do is protest and be ready with solutions to the problems.

A clean energy future is possible

  • Stationary energy is technically easy to fix.
  •     Solar - PV, solar thermal, Wind, Waves, Hydro,
  •     Moon- tidal,
  •     Radioactive decay - Geothermal,
  •     Nuclear - Molten salt reactors for countries without any of the above. They should be far safer than present day water cooled reactors. They will be able use and burn up nuclear waste. The Chinese plan to have the first two built by 2020.
  • Vehicles can change to biofuels, battery, grid power, or electrofuels (NH3, CH3OH, H2).
  • Aeroplanes will need biofuels or very good batteries not yet invented.
  • Ships are a problem. They use huge amounts of the cheapest oil. All replacements will be expensive.
  • Industries such as steel can use hydrogen with difficulty and expense. Or capture their CO2. Cement can be made from other materials. Aluminium smelters use carbon electrodes giving off CO2. They may have to capture CO2. Glass can use electricity.
  • Energy storage will make huge changes.
  • We will need to capture CO2 from the air and bury it, both to repair the damage already done, and to allow present industries to continue until an alternative can be found
  • We may need to burn biomass for energy and collect and bury the CO2 from the flue gas. This way the CO2 is gradually removed from the atmosphere.
  • A price on carbon will allow the market to find the most cost efficient solutions.

Denial campaign

The fossil fuel industry is waging a strong denial campaign that is very successful.

If a government owns the coal industry then the problem is worsened. Subsidies could be removed and simple regulations could make huge changes for little cost. A price on carbon, a 20c/kWh feed in tariff for rooftop solar, and a time of day charging system would be a very effective start, and would cost very little.

International Energy Agency IEA view

“When will governments wake up to the dangers of complacency and adopt the bold policies that radically transform our energy system?” IEA executive director Maria van der Hoeven said. “Let me be straight. Our ongoing failure to realise the full potential of clean energy technology is alarming.”

The IEA says the transformation of the energy grid to meet the “2°C scenarios” which could give the world the best chance of avoiding dangerous climate change would be costly.

But by 2025, the investment would have paid itself back, and by 2050 would have delivered three times the extra investment required in savings.

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Temperature readings from NASA