Battery powered aircraft

Battery powered aircraft

It is amazing that it is possible to power a plane with a battery as it holds about 2% of the energy of oil. however things are improving and amazing things are happening.

However before large passenger planes are possible, energy storage must improve dramatically.

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2003  Antares 20E and 23E

Antares 20E electric motorglider is the first certified production electric aircraft.


Antares, a solar powered glider

2007 Electra One

The French Electra is powered by an 18-kW disk-brush electrical motor driven by a 47 kg lithium polymer battery.

The charging happens inside a solar-powered hangar included in the plane’s anticipated purchase price of $145,000.

The plane successfully completed its inaugural flight last spring, and will go on sale mid next year, pending certification as a new ultralight class aircraft in Germany. It recently won the Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Prize for aviation innovation.

2010 Yuneec E430

the world’s first commercially produced ‘Electric Aircraft.  Flight duration between 1.5 and 3 hours costing about $5 for electricity.

EADS VoltAir electric airliner

EADS has plans for an electric large airliner powered by what EADS regards as achievable electric battery technology by the time the  latest airliners in service today have run out of relevance in a world where zero fossil carbon emissions will be essential for all forms of mass transport.

EADS CriCri 143

They also had a small plane demonstrating it's 4 counter rotating electric props. 




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Battery powered aircraft

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