Coal fired power

Coal Fired Electric Generating Units

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Coal-fired EGUs use one of five basic coal utilization processes.
 Stoker-fired
 Pulverized coal (PC)
 Cyclone-fired
 Fluidized-bed combustion (FBC)
 Coal gasification (IGCC)



Washing coal

To reduce the dirt in coal it is washed. It is crushed then passed through a tank with magnetite. In this suspension the coal floats and the sand sinks. This produces a coal with less grit to wear the tubes, and less ash to cause loss of heat.

Washing coal improves its energy content and thermal properties, so increasing the amount of coal that is washed results in a decrease in water use overall because less coal needs to be burnt per unit of energy produced. If all steam coal was washed and 10% of ash was removed, coal consumption could be reduced by 6-16%, reducing net water consumption. Using washed coal in power stations also reduces air pollution, addressing two pressing issues at once.