Coal mining

You can see from the map above that we are awash with coal and it is going to be very hard to prevent it being mined. There is so much money involved.

The world from year 2000 had a budget of 1,000 gigatonnes that could be burned to the year 2050, yet in only ten years we have burned one third.

Coal mining companies such as BHP and Rio Tinto are valued by their coal reserves. But to reach 450 ppm, only 13% of fossil fuel can be mined. So many companies are overvalued.  Deutsche Bank describes coal as "a dead man walking".
Although coal is distributed across the country, mining is concentrated in the eastern states.
There is huge expansion in coal mining in Qld and NSW. If all these deposits, and new overseas deposits of coal, oil, and gas are burnt, then there is no hope for the planet. We are embarking on a path of madness.

Employment in the coal  industry

Less than half of one per cent of the Australian workforce is employed by the coal mining industry – an industry which is 87% foreign owned.

More than 40,000 people are directly employed in the Australian industry and a further 100,000 are indirectly employed, mainly in regional Australia.

Each year wages and salaries for staff employed by coal mines total $4.4 billion, with a further $5 billion spent on contractors, subcontractors and to businesses. The coal industry spends $16 billion each year on goods and services in Australia.

Good data source: Bureau of resources and energy economics


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Aust Govt - Australian Mines Atlas