The Power companies feel hard done by. They had assumed that demand would keep increasing, so built more capacity.

However demand has reduced due to energy efficiency, rooftop solar, a decline in manufacturing, and reduced consumption due to rising prices.

The fossil fuel fired power stations want government subsidies blaming wind and solar for their predicament.  However th graph below shows that most of the new capacity built over the last decade is their own power plants. Wind has had very little to do with it. Roof top solar is partly the xcause of the downturn in demand.


Graph = Demand

Turquoise = Wind

Purple = Hydro

Green = Open cycle Gas Turbines

Red = Combined Cycle Gas Turbines

Grey-Blue = Coal

Five power stations of the size of Yallourn , it supplies provides 22 per cent of Victoria’s electricity, could be closed, and nothing would change.