Why this website?


Why produce this website?

The reason for this website is simple.

Scientists are telling us we have a problem.

People and corporations who are threatened are telling us there is no problem.

It makes sense to listen to and act upon the scientists' advice and use other ways to produce energy.

This website is a technologist's view of how to tackle this problem.

There are two problems to be tackled. The technology, and the existing businesses that are financially committed to doing business as usual. The technology challenge is the easy part. The well funded denial campaign is delaying action and making it ultimately more expensive and dangerous.

If it wasn't for the denial, we could be fixing the problem now.      I feel we have to act now!

Global Warming

What is on the website

On this website I'm trying to produce a definitive collection of the technology for producing, moving, storing, and using energy. If we are well informed then we can make the best decisions. The emphasis is on accuracy.

We  also need to know how energy is produced at present in order to modify, improve, or avoid these methods.


All information will need to withstand scientific scrutiny.
We will show the source of information wherever possible. 
If information is shown to be wrong, we will change it.
It is difficult to give an accurate and unbiased opinion on many of the technologies as there are commercial and political pressures distorting or hiding much of the information. Also, everyone is naturally enthusiastic about and loyal to their project and may tend to exaggerate, or sell the advantages.  Many of the websites are written by PR writers making them  almost useless. 

There is also a loyalty to an employer providing a living, and this can lead to a resistance to change, and often denial.

There is a lot of misinformation produced by organizations funded by fossil fuel corporations and similar.

I'm not bothering too much about the look, or even the wording at this stage. The whole site is under construction as I'm trying to get the "facts" right and complete. Then I'll work on the wording, look, and feel.

If I've got facts wrong, please let me know at john@sciencefilms.com.au

If you want to volunteer to help write a section or two, please email me. http://www.energy-without-carbon.org/contact

John Davis




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