Before we get serious, lets have some fun watching some extraordinary wind powered creatures.  Click on the picture.


The answer, my friend,
is blowing in the wind

Bob Dylan


Wind is a real success story. It has won the race for the cheapest power and is being rolled out all over the world. 

It is preventing the building of new coal and nuclear power stations.

Current thinking is that wind could supply 40% of power with the rest from solar and other clean energy sources.


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World rollout of wind power

The costs for fossil fuels is with and without a price on carbon


World rollout of wind power

The rollout of wind power around the world is dramatic. Now that it is cheaper than coal the pace will increase.


Europe                                                                                                         Aisia


North America                                                                                                    South America


Oceana                                                                                            Africa

Source of charts and data of specific countries:


Situation in 2011. For up to date figures click the chart.