Without Carbon


The challenge is to make energy without releasing carbon dioxide.

Luckily this is possible in many ways.

The main impediment is the resistance from entrenched interests of the fossil fuel industries.

They receive $500 billion per year in government subsidies world wide. $10 billion per year in Australia alone.

They are powerful lobbyists to governments.

They donate a lot of money to political parties

They spend hundreds of millions convincing people to continue to use fossil fuels.


In this section I've collected technologies for achieving energy without carbon. I'd like to let you know which is the best, however it is almost impossible to pick winners.  So  governments need to set new rules allowing unfettered competition. The new technologies may need some subsidies at first, (as fossil fuels did long ago), and let the market find the best technologies. It would help if the subsidies for fossil fuels were removed and given to the clean energy technologies.


John Davis