Building design



House design

One way to save energy is to design the house so it does not require much.

Face the house to collect winter sun. Summer sun can be excluded by eaves.

Thermal mass can absorb heat or "coolth" releasing it when needed. A masonry wall should be on the north side and the wall on the south should be insulated.


There are plenty of sites giving this information

E.G. SA govt.

Sun angles

Sun angles and elevations

There are several websites for finding the angles of the sun. For example:

Put in your address, or coordinates, or a point on the map, and it will give you direction and elevation of the sun at any time. Quite magic and so easy.

you can select your house/site and produce a picture showing where the trees will interfere with your PV, or shield you from the summer afternoon sun, etc. website can show you the sun elevations at any place, time, and date.

You can use the website to locate your house and see where the sun will be at any time and any date. 


The sun direction at different times Yellow is winter, black is summer.

Place is Sydney harbour.


despite the several tragic (and avoidable) deaths, the home insulation scheme actually saw a reduction in the number of fires per house insulated, compared to the rate before the scheme. That's on top of the subsequent reduction in energy demand.