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Designing a concentrator​ Dish with PV

CPV dense array


The Silex "CS500" dish concentrator PV unit design has 112 curved reflecting mirrors, which track the sun throughout the day.

The tracking mechanism allows electricity to be produced during the day whenever the sun is more than 5° above the horizon. Direct current electricity from the receivers is passed through an electronic inverter that produces grid-quality alternating current.

"The CS500 dish has a longer effective operating life than traditional PV.

Because the receiver is only 6.5% of the area of PV compared to a flat plate PV. (a 35 kW CS500 dish has a PV area of 0.23m² whereas 35 kW of traditional flat plate would use approximately 350m²)

'Dense Array'

Solar Systems ‘Dense Array’ module utilises high efficiency multi-junction solar cells packed into a 36cm2 actively cooled package. The unique active cooling design increases reliability to produce the highest output power and increased cell life.

Concentrator Optics

Solar Systems uses reflective optics to concentrate light on to the receiver at a concentration of 500 to up to 1000 times.

Dual Axis Tracking

Solar Systems employs a unique proprietary tracking system which maximises power production from sunrise to sunset to deliver maximum energy yield all day, every day. Each dish tracks the sun independently and uses proprietary algorithms incorporating active feedback for pointing accuracy and maximum power production.

Cooling Systems

The Solar Systems ‘Dense Array’ configuration requires active cooling of modules monitored by the control system. Modules typically operate at 15°C above ambient temperature. The cooling system is a closed loop configuration which requires minimal maintenance and no water supply. Source

The modules include a specially designed filter that removes harmful UV radiation that reduces the operating efficiency and life of traditional PV technology. The modules are also cooled, which increases their effective operating life and their efficiency".

"The CS500 produces more electricity (per installed watt) than fixed flatplate PV technology - by up to 30%. This is because it tracks the sun and operates at lower temperatures".


CPV dish in operation                               Source Solar Systems



Building your own dish