Electric racing vehicles

There is a lot of development in electric racing vehicles.

Records are being broken so fast that most of the details here will soon be out of date.


For example, this is the Venturi from Monaco. The team believes it will manage to exceed the speed of 600 km/h.

Pikes Peak Hill Climb - USA

If we look at the race records being set around the world, we can see the electric vehicles mixing it with the  best of them. The times are quite remarkable...

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Record Driver Car Year Time Speed Notes
Electric Japan Nobuhiro Tajima E-RUNNER Pikes Peak Special 2013 9:46.530 122.8 km/h  
Production Electric United States Chad Hord Nissan Leaf 2011 14:33.429 82.4 km/h  
Open Wheel United States Robby Unser ADT/Speedway Chevy 1994 10:05.850 118.8 km/h  
Pikes Peak Open France Romain Dumas Porsche GT3R 2012 9:46.181 122.8 km/h  
Super Stock Car United States Clint Vahsholtz Ford Mustang 2011 10:55.603 109.8 km/h  
Time Attack United States Paul Dallenbach Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2013 9:46.001 122.8 km/h  
Unlimited France Sébastien Loeb Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak 2013 8:13.878 145.27 km/h Overall
Vintage United States Jess Neal Plymouth Barracuda 2012 12:03.858 99.4 km/h

Drag raci​ng

White Zombie is world's fastest street legal electric car. A converted 1972 Datson, it is a champion drag racer doing zero to 60 mph in just 1.8 seconds Its top speed is recorded at 129 mph (208 kph).  It has two motors. At take-off they are in series for maximum torque, at speed they change to parallel.  More.








Record Rider Motorcycle Year Time Speed Notes
250cc Codie Vahsholtz Kawasaki KX 250 2013 11:24.792 105.3 km/h  
450cc Jeffrey Tigert Honda CRF450 2013 10:32.964 113.9 km/h  
750cc Michael Henao Kawasaki ZX-6R 2013 10:31.499 114.0 km/h  
1205cc Carlin Dunne Ducati Multistrada 1200 2012 9:52.819 121.4 km/h Overall
Exhibition Powersports (Electric) Carlin Dunne Lightning Electric SuperBike 2013 10:00.694 115.7 km/h  
Heavy Weight Supermoto Jeff Grace KTM 525 2013 10:57.928 105.7 km/h  
Exhibition Powersports-Z (Electric) Jeff Clark Zero FX 2013 12:00.978 96.4 km/hr  
Sidecar Wade Boyd Suzuki GSRX 2013 11:26.987 104.8 km/h  
Vintage Marc LaNoue Triumph Bonnie 2012 12:39.782 94.7 km/h  
Quad Modified Michael Coburn Walsh 450R 2013 11:05.874 108.3 km/h

Brigham Young University students set a new land speed record for an electric car in the "E1" (under 1,100 lbs/499 kg) class. The record of 155.8 mph (250.7 km/h) set by the "Electric Blue" streamliner at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah

Dutch Students Break Electric Vehicle 0-100km/h World Record

ELMOFO electric racing car

One electric racing car entering the competition in Australia is the ELMOFO. -ELectro-MOtive-FOrce.

They have developed a liquid cooled battery system  for the Kokam Lithium Polymer cells. They have also modified the AMRacing IPM oil cooled motor.

This is the second electrified version of a Radical SR8; an Alaskan company converted a road registered version in 2010 and successfully drove it 16,000 miles down the Pan American Highway. Lasting 140 days in total and including 70 days of actual driving, they completed the Alaska-to-Argentina expedition and demonstrated that this package can really work – and electro-motive packages have come a long, long way since 2010.

The AMRacing motor, for example, is one of the highest powered and most advanced electric motors around and the ELMOFO team are confident they can deliver enormous power from this electro-motive powerhouse. So far, they are delivering around 416kW (565bhp) of power and 600Nm of torque. For comparison, the standard non-electric SR8 is rated at around 316kW (430bhp) through it’s a 2.7L V8 engine.

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Drayson Racing Technologies got their car, Lola B12, to travel at 204.2 miles per hour. - 326 kph.

Source BBC

National​ Electric Drag Racing Association

Division A3 A2 A B C D E F G H I J
Voltage 349 V and above 301–348 V 241–300 V 193–240 V 169–192 V 145–168 V 121–144 V 97–120 V 73–96 V 49–72 V 25–48 V 24 V and below


Lawess Rocket electric bike does quarter mile in 6.94 seconds, breaks 200 mph.

Electric dirt track bike race

Killacycle battery powered drag bike's record-breaking run

Danish electric motor bike Silver Bullitt sets world record for 150 V
September 2013  Video

Solar electric racing

The car, designed and built by University of New South Wales students, smashed the world solar car speed record at the HMAS Albatross navy base airstrip in Nowra, travelling at more than 88km/h.
The speed was significantly faster than the previous record of 79km/h. The milestone is for cars powered exclusively by silicon solar cells. IVy normally uses its cells to charge a 25kg battery, but this was removed for the record attempt.


UNSW’s Sunswift solar car has lived up to its name, smashing a Guinness World Record to become the world's fastest solar vehicle.

Hydrogen Electric Racing (fuel cell)

Hydrogen Electric Racing Federation (HERF) is a racing organization for hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle, formed on January 10, 2007. The racing was founded by Peter M. DeLorenzo, and also acts as the league's president and CEO.[1]
Whereas conventional racing series focuses more on entertainment, DeLorenzo's vision was to create a racing serie that serves as a testing ground for future automotive technologies for street applications, similar to the automotive racing series in the past.
Various automotive companies such as Audi, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota, Bridgestone-Firestone and Michelin, as well as motorsport executives such as Tony George, Scott Atherton, had shown interest to the racing series.[


The GreenGT hydrogen fuel cell racing car will try for the 2014 Le Mans 24 hr race.