Geothermal air conditioning


Geothermal heating and cooling

Despite the name, it is not  geothermal, more geo - heat capacity. Also called Geo Source.

Mines in the desert are a very stable temperature because the hot and cold air does not change the temperature of the soil to any great depth. The earth has too high a thermal mass to be affected by a mere four months of summer or winter.

Consequently, in some old opal mining towns such as Coober Pedy and Lightning Ridge etc, many of the houses are built underground.

If you have a spare mine nearby you could draw air from it and have a very cheap air conditioner.

Or, you can run pipes underground and draw in air through them. See below.


Air vents from underground houses at Coober Pedy South Aust.

Ground cooling system

Geothermal air conditioning

Otherwise you can modify this idea a little. The air conditioning piping that normally goes outside and gives off or takes in heat from the air, can be run underground, or underwater. this reduces the temperature difference the air conditioners is fighting against, so reduces the energy use. Normally the pipes are more than one metre underground. They can go vertically down or along beneath the surface.